Review : Meet Meline

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So this is my first post after my introduction..

Review : Meet Meline

A movie that directed by Sebastien Laban and Virginie Goyons (from France) is a movie that catagorized into a short animated movie. And do you know, the duration is just 6 minutes ! And for making those 6 minutes into the 6 minutes that doesn’t make people disappointed needs two years ! Can you imagine it ? Two years for 6 minutes !

This movie tells us about a little girl who lived in a small and simple house who loved drawing. She always puts her drawing on the wall. One day, after she finished her drawing, she looked something moved and she is curious to know what it was. So she followed that thing, try to catch it and in the end she realizes that it was a squirrel and she amazed looking at it.

So from what i have written maybe it’s a simple story but when you watched it, you will say wow and wow until you don’t realize how much time you said wow.

I think it’s a very recommended movie for all who liked animation so much.

Source :

Although it’s only for 6 minutes, i reall don’t feel regret after watched it.

So enjoy ! You can find that movie in youtube  🙂

And this is the picture of making process of the movie.


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