lyrics mean something

well, this week is hard for me, especially five days ago..

i have had my final examination, i wish all the best for the result for me and everyone !

Right back to title, everytime i hear song..

Oldie or new..

I always try to remember the lyrics..

I mean i always try to remember the melodies, how the singer sing and so on..

We all know lyrics mean something on every song, yeah maybe there’s an exception for instrumental song LOL

For me, lyrics mean something, because it gives me inspiration or even motivation..

Well take a look at these great lyrics….

1. When i get older, i will be stronger… (Wavin’ Flag song)

2. You may say i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one (Imagine song)

3. You need to get your cranium checked, you thinking like an alien it just ain’t realistic ! (Airplanes part II song)

4. Dear God, the only thing i asked of you is to hold him when i’m not around, when i’m much too far away.. (Dear God song)

5. But without you all i’m going to be is incomplete….. (Incomplete song)

6. Now i’ve found, who i am, there’s no way to hold it in, no more hiding who i wanna be… ( This Is Me song)

That’s all for this post 😀


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