“….If it’s not your fate…..”


Hello again ! Hello everyone, annyeong haseyo yeorobun, konnichiwa minna, halo semuanya ! 😀

Ever know about how God choose our path?

We as a human always plan everything, from A to Z, from the smallest into the biggest. We plan everything from the outer till the core. But… Well the explanation will be given at the last word at this post lol

This is just my story of my fate.

Last year is a very heavy moment for me. I have to face an exam to enter the favorite university, which means that university has a very high quality.

I really don’t know how should i choose. I really love English eventhough i’m not living in England.

But first test i failed when i choose it as my first choice, while my second and my third choice are chemistry and pharmacy.

Even sad because of failure… “Oh? Perhaps i’ll have to try once again. I think God has a better plan


One day, i don’t know what God has done with my mind. God told me unconciously that i should choose pharmacy. Even i have my own reason too to choose that, and that is because i LOVE chemistry, and i really want to know everything about medicine, and hoping that someday i can make my own medicine.

ImageAnd the second test… I could enter my favorite university with my first choice, pharmacy 🙂

Thanks for everything you give my univ, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia 😀

Proud to be a part of you, but i’ll never forget my words that i should make you’re proud to have me 🙂

ImageEventhough still…….. It’s really hard to know about every medicine in this world.

I’ve ever think “How can i remember those more-than-a-million medicine?”

But now my thought has changed…… “I can remember most lyrics of songs that i sing, so why i can’t remember those medicine?”



“In the end.. How perfect your plan.. You can never achieve it.. If it’s not your fate.”


Bismillah, hope later can achieve my dream as a good pharmacist who saves people’s life not only with the knowledge of medicine, but also with our strength and our smile 🙂


And for others who reads this, hope you can achieve your dream too, ganbatte, cheer up ! You can do it ! Because God is always with us ! 😀

P.S. : Btw it’s me who made that pharmacy logo XD


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