2 words : well known

Yooooo hello everyone around the world !

Ah i really miss the time when i post something here and there haha


This post is about………….

Ummmm it’s about stats ! Bloggers must know it.

First time i post something in blog, i thought “Ah maybe i’ll use this blog as my diary

And later, when time moved on very quickly, i thought “But maybe it will be awesome if everyone reads my posts

Then i realized something from the first time, it will be, nope, it must be awesome if you are well-known by your own posts ! 

And the most important thing, we have to post what we like, not post something that others  like !

Since i’ve realized this thing, i have some words to remind myself that i am still myself even not in the real dimension ::

I love what i post, I post what i love 🙂

*inspirated by Petrified-Fort Minor lyric : i like what i do, i do what i like* 


Ahhhhhh i think you must have a thought about being a well-known blogger, am i right ? XD



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