S P Y ! It’s SPY !



Babababa~ naega saranghan S P Y !

It’s Super Junior – SPY !

A nice music video with a cool dance

If you haven’t watched it, watch it on youtube, search on smtown channel ;D

Ahhh~ i really want to post this in the past, well.. My mood isn’t really up that time so i post it right now xD


Note : i ‘printscreen’ these images by myself while watching music video on my laptop. all credit on music video goes to smtown (SM Entertainment) 🙂





Tsukimori Len-kun

Tsukimori Len, a kinda cold guy from manga La Corda D’oro. A violinist player but cold but handsome ><

Note : This isn't my picture, got it from mangafox

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Hello world!

Hello world !
I am new at wordpress !

I do have blog before, but i want to have some more ! 😀
And let me introduce myself, i am a girl, call me ‘adetective’
I am Indonesian, i love my parents, my friend, my cousin and absolutely love Allah SWT.

So, i said hello again to wordpress ! 😀

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