Queen of Ice

Ah… Long time no post in this blog

Well eventhough it’s late…..


Now is the time for holiday !!! ^^

While spending time with family and friends, also waiting my scores in this semester, hope for the best T^T

So, the post is about Queen of Ice..

I’m talking about Kim Yuna, the figureskater of Korea….

Oh i don’t know how i should describe her, she’s too magnificent. She’s beautiful, a great-skater, her body and her height are ideal… Moreover she is a champion !

Nah this pic, if you want to ask me where i get this… I get this on google lol

In this picture, Kim Yuna did a movement called spiral, in her program named James Bond Medley on 2010.

Nah the other picture is her program on 2011, called Kiss of Vampire. She did a spin with her feet in front of her face :O

*Note: i get this pic on google too XD

Ah really, i don’t know what to say no more (a lyric on that xx song). I’m too speechless when seeing a performance of her skate, she’s magnificent. Aaaand you will know what i mean if you start to watch her skate.

Ah well, at first i don’t really like skating… But seeing her did very very great performance…. I really want to learn how to skate ! 

Kim Yuna eonnie, wish to see you skate lively~ Queen of ice, hope you have a great year ! ^^


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