Tsukimori Len-kun

Tsukimori Len, a kinda cold guy from manga La Corda D’oro. A violinist player but cold but handsome ><

Note : This isn't my picture, got it from mangafox

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Kei-chan, NG LIFE

Haha actually i wanna post something but i don’t have any idea…..

So i decide to continue the very first post, it’s about anime chara (boys), you can check it at my archive XD

Here it is, another cool manga chara :3

Source :: mangafox.com

So cool rite ? He is MINE LOL

He is Keidai, also called with his friends (in the manga of course) Kei-chan….

He is the main character in NG LIFE

I recommend you this manga if you love commedy and romance genre XD

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