one more time, one more chance

I really love the lyrics of this song..

This song belongs to Makoto Shinkai’s anime : “5 centimeters per second”

Just a short review, the anime is telling you about the distance between the lovers.. For you who loves romance so much must watch this… And i give 5 stars for this anime because its story and its great graphic ! 🙂

So check it out, the lyrics really touch me :’)


One more time, one more chance

How much more will I have to lose, before my heart is forgiven?
How many more pain will I have to suffer, to meet you once again?
One more time, oh seasons, don’t disappear
One more time, the time when we were messing around
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Review : Meet Meline

Hello blog !

After almost a week i have done the last exam, now i really feel free ! 😀

So this is my first post after my introduction..

Review : Meet Meline

A movie that directed by Sebastien Laban and Virginie Goyons (from France) is a movie that catagorized into a short animated movie. And do you know, the duration is just 6 minutes ! And for making those 6 minutes into the 6 minutes that doesn’t make people disappointed needs two years ! Can you imagine it ? Two years for 6 minutes ! Continue reading

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